Coaching Peewees To Pros

Hans is an accomplished off road racer that has won 2 NETRA Enduro Championships, 

He is certified by the US Motorcycle Coaching Association to coach in an educational and healthy fashion. 

Hans worked with the National OHV Vision Team in the 90s to grow the sport for youth riders.  His goal is to be always growing the sport for youth, and adults alike. 

  • Founded the NETRA Youth camps in 2000
  • Past Youth Coordinator for NETRA 
  • Founder of Future Aces by Hans

He has been teaching for over 20 years.  He specializes in true off-road basics and advancement.


Personalized Experience Tailored To Your Specific Needs And Preferences

Clinics  To Include, But Not Limited to;

  • Log Crossing
  • Rock Strategy
  • Balance
  • Mental Preparedness
  • Body Positioning
  • Clutch Use
  • Bike Maintenance
  • Line Choice
  • 3 Levels of Classes
  • Private + Monthly Coaching Programs
  • And Much More!

My classes are built on progression. We start with the fundamentals and keep growing from there. We can’t start with speed if you don’t know the fundamentals well enough to carry that speed safely. Be patient with the process and we will get you where you want to be!


“The class I had with Hans was one of a kind, he paid close attention to my strengths and weaknesses and saw how we could improve, and in a fun way. We covered all topics from clutch control to foot positioning and every time that I’ve ridden since the class, his words are stuck in my head and the amount of control I have over the bike now compared to prior, is amazing! The way he teaches makes it so easy to retain the information and process it to put it into action, and I will be back for more classes! Thank you so much Hans!”

– Cole B. 

“Had a great session with Hans Neff Offroad coach. Small class size allowed for both one-on-one and group instruction. Hans quickly assessed the group skill level and focused on drills and exercises to maximize everyone’s take-away from the class. He took time to give each rider pointers and broke down finer points of technique so everyone could apply it to their own riding style. Good mix of drills, riding different terrain/loops, instruction and analysis. Challenging class with very useful and applicable instruction, would definitely recommend.”

– James R.

“What can I say, I’m on my second class with Hans and he has propelled my riding infinitely . I always say if i can walk away with one solid change its money well spent. Ive done private and group lessons and each time I’ve seen significant results.”

– Gary M. 

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